Money vs Comfortable Living

Nowadays, the world’s order has been transformed into materialistic view, in which money is deemed as the main goal of this life for most of people. No wonder people are competing each other and sacrificing their life to make as much money as possible. This happens in Japan.

Japan is known as a developed country, famous for sakura tree until the world’s safest bullet train. People work from morning until very late night everyday. Even sometimes they work on weekends, merely to obtain overtime payment. They sacrifice their time for family, entertainment, and life. Because of this, Japan is suffering from complex society issues, differing from population decrease of the nation and high rate of suicide. There are approximately 30,000 people commiting suicide yearly in Japan, which means 100 people are dying everyday, or in the other words, 1 people is performing suicide every 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, others believe comfortable living should be the priority instead of money. Being poor or rich does not matter for these people, as long as they can live happily everyday. Gathering with family, going out with friends, and working not for the sake of money, but for accomodating the dependent family are the idea of this view.

Indonesian people are good example of living happily. Inspite of nearly half of the population considered poor, a happy laugh and wide-hearted smile can be found daily.

Before taking a stand, in my opinion, we should think the basic question as a human being at first: what is the purpose of life? My purpose is to gain happiness in this life as well as afterlife, which can be earned by comfortable living. Undeniably to say, comfortable living also requires adequate money. Thus, working in appropriate time  while spending time with the family and society would be ideal. This would lead to a comfortable living.


2 thoughts on “Money vs Comfortable Living

  1. Sometimes, we get lost between purposes and process. Maybe the Japanese find working and making lots of money became their purposes instead of living a comfortable life. Who knows, maybe for them, that’s the comfortable way of living… 🙂

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