Stunning Juniko Lake Adventure

This is a story of my journey to the northern part of Japan. To be specific, I went to a remarkable place called Juniko lake. Juniko is located in Shirakami Shanchi (白神山地) in Aomori prefecture, a national park which has been recognized as world’s heritage since 20 years ago. Literally Juniko (十二湖) means twelve lakes in Japanese language. It indeed has twelve lakes in it which in total consists of 33 lakes. I really love one of the lakes called Aoike (青池, blue pond). It is the most beautiful lake I’ve ever visited in my life.

I really recommend you to visit this place at least once in your life time. What you need to do is to find out a way to Juniko station (十二湖駅) which is well connected to famous Shirakami Resort line.


By riding this line, you can enjoy an authentic scenery of Japan sea on your left side along with breathtaking view of its peninsula.
Okay back to Juniko. From Juniko station it took a merely 15 minutes bus ride to Kyororo (奥十二湖駐車所, 350 yen cost) where most of the tourists would like to start their Juniko trip with.
This is the Kyororo bus stop I am talking about. You can have a lunch here and find some omiyage.
After reached this place, I put my stuffs in a locker and grabbed on the area map as my guidance. I took a 2-hour walking trip depicted on the map below. Just follow the marked route.
Aoike is just the second stop from this starting point. See below for the stunning Aoike image. I don’t know where does the blue crystal color come from. The pond is actually covered up by leaves of the tree forest.
I took a rest a bit at Juniko waterfall area. You can get a cup of hot green tea and pay as you wish by putting your money inside a box. The collected money will be used to maintain the Juniko lake area. However, I could not make it since I got a bus to catch up.
That’s it. You should try to visit the world’s heritage by yourself and enjoy the beautiful Juniko. Anyway I enjoyed seafood as dinner at few stations after Juniko and took picture with this cute Akita lady.


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