My very first D3 project: The price of private education


Checkout the vizzies I made here using D3.js:

Is private school worth the cost?

Sending children to private schools sometimes means making big sacrifices for the families. While public school is free of charge, private education is very expensive. According to most [1]​ recent data​, average private school tuition in the US is approximately $9,195 per year. In some states such as Maine and Vermont, the average tuition can be higher than $20,000 per year. Tuition for boarding schools can even be higher than $30,000 per year. Working with various data sources, we attempt to present such information to help better understand private schools in the United States: why private schools are costly, and who are willing to send their children to private schools.

Compare to public schools, private schools offer advanced curriculum and specific religious beliefs in smaller class sizes, where the student­teacher ratio can be under 12%. This means students in the private schools can enjoy a smaller class size with teachers who can give more teaching flexibility. Meanwhile, in the public schools, the student­teacher ratio is above 15%. There is an increasing trend for the student enrollment that is projected to exceed 5 million students in year 2020. However, this number is still small compare to the number of public school enrollment which is more than 50 million students.

Private schools can be found anywhere across the states, but some states such as New York and Pennsylvania have more than 2,000 private schools, and California has more than 3,000 private schools. Nevertheless, private schools are not for every family. According to our data, even though there is no gender bias in the school enrollment, almost 75% of the students enrolled in private schools are from white families, while other races such as black, asian and hispanic are enrolled as minorities.

Picking private schools or public schools for further education becomes constant debate in the [2]​ US. According to GreatSchools and Harris poll in 2009​, almost one out of four parents are considering to switch their children’s schools either from private to public or vice versa as a result of economy of family.

Is private school worth the cost? Maybe you can get your own conclusion based on the graphs we shown in our visualization.

[1] h​ttp://­stats/private­school­cost­by­state/states
[2] h​ttp://­to­school­poll­


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