NYC bikeshare maps & spatial analysis: an exploration of techniques


UPDATE (Feb. 2012)

  1. Reader Steve Vance suggests in the comments below that I could use Google Refine to parse the JSON file and convert it to Excel without relying on the tedious Microsoft Word editing process I summarize below.  He’s right.  Google Refine is amazing. It converted the JSON file to rows/columns in about a second.  And it has powerful editing/cleaning capabilities built-in.  Thanks Google!
  2. Alas, I had hoped to test Google Refine on the latest list of user-suggested bikeshare stations.  But when I checked in mid-February, the link at no longer returns all the detailed info about each suggested site.  It only returns an ID and lat/lon for each site.  There’s another link I found that returns the details (, but it seems to be just one at a time (change the “point=1” value).  Sigh.  If someone wanted to replicate what I’ve done with the latest data…

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